About Us

Haqqani Anjuman, is an Islamic, Sufi, non-governmental, and an non-political organization established by the world renowned Sufi Saint and the 39th generation of second Islamic Khalifa, Hazrat Omar Farooque (R.A), Hazrat Maulana Sufi Mufti Azangachi (Rahmatullah Alaih).

Hazrat Maulana Sufi Mufti Azangachi (R.A) has created a prayer that says “O All Mighty Allah please increase your mercy on your entire creation”. Out of his love for the humanity, he invites all people (irrespective of caste, creed, color, birth and religion) to his Haqqani darbar and offers all the spiritual and worldly benefits at free of cost.

By the will of Allah, and having followed Hazrat Rasoolullah (S.A.W), and Kamil Murshid, he started Urs-e-Kul majlis (a religious gathering) to promote peace in everybody’s life and all nations, and purify them of all sins and worldly malice.

He also started Haqqani Wazifa and distributes it to all people for free.

Hazrat Maulana Sufi Mufti Azanagchi (R.A) invites all of you to attend the weekly Sunday Quran Class majlis, offer five times obligatory salat (namaz – prayer) and recite Haqqani Wazifa five times properly and punctually, as well as eat halal food as permitted in Shariah.

Haqqani Anjuman, has its head office at 18, Bagmari Road, Manicktala, Kolkata – 700 054, West Bengal, INDIA.

Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Jalaluddin Rumi (R.A) wrote in his Masnavi Sharif,

Too numerous demons in human form walk;
Beware, then, with whom thou engagest in talk.
The fowler his whistle may ply in the field,
To lure the poor birds, saying: “Come and be killed.”
Each songster conceives ’tis the voice of its mate,
75 Descends from the air, and meets with its fate.
The sinner, in pious cant, uses a wile,
To trap the unwary who ponders no guile.
The upright deal faithfully, truly, in trust;
The wicked imagine but fraud and distrust.

Masnavi Manawi of Hazrat Jalaluddin Muhammad Rumi Balkhi (R.A) written in Persian, is one of the most influential works of Sufism and Tasawwuf.

Hazrat Maulana Rumi (R.A) is saying that many devils are in the shape of human beings. So, be careful and never put your faith and trust on these devils. It means you shouldn’t be a disciple of devils, you shouldn’t listen to their talks and nor obey self-styled spiritual gurus without verifying their backgrounds, facts, conditions, talks, deeds, ethics and behaviours, etc. A hunter hunts by imitating the sounds like other birds and animals. An innocent and unwary bird assumes that there is a bird like it and as a result, it comes down and falls prey to the hunter’s trap (deceitful tactics), thereby encountering death or despair.

Likewise, many cheaters look, walk, and talk like a sufi saint, Durwesh and waliallaah, while in reality, they are not real Sufis (shaikhut Tariqat) and Murshid-al-Kamil, meaning spiritual guide to true Islamic knowledge and Tasawwuf (knowledge of Marefat).

They (fake sufis) repeat the stories and words of real Auliya Allah (Friends of Allah) and deliver attractive lectures to simple people. These ignorant audience and the followers fall for their fake promises, and end up destroying their lives on Earth and life hereafter (Aakhirat).

Kaare mardaan raushni  wa garmi ast —  kaare doonaan  heela  wa  be sharmi  ast

Real murshid (Guide)  and perfect Auliya  Allaah’s main objective in life is to make common man reach true enlightenment and get close to Allah and Hazrat Rasool (s.a w). They have been bestowed with the light of Allah’s knowledge (Marifat-e-Haqiqi) that means realisation and recognition of the light of Allah as well as the warmth of Allah’s love and devotion, and His affection. So, these Auliya Allah is the real guide for all and even help those who’ve chosen the path of the devil (Shaitan) to come out of the wretched path.

A true Pir Murshid (Spiritual guide) will himself walk and lead his disciple and followers through the straight path (siraate mustaqeem) – the path as ordained by Allah in the Holy Quran Majeed and followed by the Allah’s dearest Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sal-llallahu alaihe-wasallam and all other true believers. A true spiritual guide will never lead its followers and students astray and turn them against the will of Allah and His beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

Instead, cheaters guide their followers through the wrong path – that is the path of the Shaitaan (the cursed and the wretched). These cheaters are like wolf in the sheep’s skin that destroys the AAKHIRAT of their disciples as well as their future generations through attractive dress, words and deceitful tactics.

In another example, a specialist doctor’s treatment is correct and effective. People coming to him for treatment are satisfied by the doctor’s prescription. The ill is cured from its illness. The patient’s disease doesn’t grow but is wiped out completely. Similarly, a true momin (believer) and a true peer-o-murshid (spiritual guide) will guide all people to the perfect, righteous path (hidayat). This righteous path is advantageous for life on Earth and Aakhirat. It will be a kind of certificate to inter the Jannat (Paradise).

Hence, a true disciple and follower of a true Wali-Allah will lead a righteous life based on the command of Allah, His beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and the teachings of perfect momins and true Sufis.

A true spiritual guide is the medium and source to get the light of eimaan and obtain Allah’s marefat (the ultimate depth of spiritual knowledge), along with the knowledge of Islamic Shariah.